About Electronic Building Contracts

Welcome to the online pages for the ACA Project Partnering Agreements  and Alliance Forms.

This website will guide you through the process to create your partially completed electronic versions of the FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract and the PPC Suite of contracts for project and term partnering, PPC2000 and TPC2005. Visit www.ppc2000.co.uk and www.allianceforms.co.uk  for all the information you need on which choice of contract you should use. We advise you purchase a hard copy of each contract, its guide and pricing guide to help you.

For more information on types of projects procured using ACA Partnering Contracts please download the book of case studies: 10-Year-Anniversary-PPC-and-5-Year-TPC


Electronic contracts and how to use this section of the website

These pages allow you to create a digital version of the following various building contracts for your project. The current documents available electronically on this website are:

FAC-1 – ACA Framework Alliance Contract (Published 2016)

TAC-1 – ACA Term Alliance Contract (Published 2016)

PPC2000 – ACA Standard Form of Contract for Project Partnering (Amended 2013)

TPC2005 – ACA Standard Form of Contract for Term Partnering (Amended 2008)


You will need to email us using the form in the relevant contract page, your proposed  project title. Once your project title has been approved, you will receive a request for payment via our Paypal account. Once paid, you will receive an electronic PDF that will contain the relevant agreement and schedules as well as the contract terms and appendices. The agreement, schedules and appendices have been created to allow you to input the specific details you need for your framework programme, project or term programme. You should use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat to complete the electronic PDF.

To generate the PDF you will need to input the following details:

Project Title/ Framework or Programme Title

Email address to receive the complete PDF.


These details will be used to generate your PDF contract. The contract will be a locked, watermarked PDF, the watermark being the Framework Programme Title / Project Title that you have entered which will be inprinted into the PDF on the Project Partnering Agreement / Term Agreement / Framework Alliance Agreement and any Joining Agreements. You will not be able to modify this.  The PDF you receive will be about 2MB in size.

Copyright Protection

ACA Project Partnering Contracts and their associated appendices and terms in print or PDF are copyright-protected as literary works. A license is granted to distribute the completed PDF to the number of parties to the agreement as confirmed when the purchaser enters this information on the relevant on line forms for each contract. You must agree to comply with a copyright licence agreement and make the payment before the agreement is compiled and emailed to you.


It is assumed that users have a print copy of the relevant ACA Contract, Guide and Pricing Guide. No guidance on completing the contract can be provided here. You are encouraged to seek specialist legal advice to help you complete your contract.


When your project title has been approved, you will be sent a payment request which should be paid using a credit card or PayPal. Once payment has been received, your electronic contract will be emailed to the email address provided. There will be no further opportunity to modify the information provided once payment has been made. Refunds cannot not be made after payment has been received. A VAT receipt will be emailed to the email address provided.

Making Payment with PayPal

When paying with PayPal, follow the prompts from PayPal to complete your purchase. Notification of your payment will be sent to the email address registered. Your payment reference on bank statements appears as PAYPAL *ASSOCIATION.


Making Payment with Credit/Debit Card

When paying with Credit card via PayPal follow the screen prompts. When payment has been made you will see a screen thanking you for your order.

Pricing Structure

FAC-1 is priced at £200 + VAT per copy

TAC-1 is priced at £200 + VAT per copy

PPC2000 is priced at £200 + VAT per electronic copy

TPC2005 is priced at £200 + VAT per electronic copy


If you only require one copy of the contract, please purchase a paper copy from the ACA website: http://acarchitects.co.uk/publications-order-form/

We can generate bespoke contracts for you at discounted prices.

Electronic Signatures

We refer you to UK Government’s guidance on electronic signatures. Please refer to the following for detailed guidance: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/356786/bis-14-1072-electronic-signatures-guide.pdf

Once you have received the electronic document, you should complete the contract. You can save the completed document for printing and manually adding signatures. Alternatively you may use Adobe’s signature system which is integral to Adobe Acrobat. Once you have added an Adobe signature, no further amendments can be made to the contract.

Inclusion of Other Documents into your Contract

If you wish to incorporate other documents with your electronic contract, for example inclusion of a term brief with TPC2005, we recommend you use Adobe Acrobat Professional to bind these documents together.

Which electronic contract do you wish to create?




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