Spanish FAC-1


This section of the website will guide you through the process to create your electronic versions of the Spanish FAC-1 Contrato Marco de Alianza.

To purchase the FAC-1 you’ll have to complete the form below, inserting the following data:

  • Project Title
  • Name of the reference contact
  • Email address to receive the complete PDF

Once your project title has been approved, you will receive a request for payment. Once paid, you will receive an electronic PDF that will contain the FAC-1. You will not be able to modify the inserted data after the payment is received.

The PDF will be protected by a password and will embed the approved title of the project in watermark.

The Agreement and the appendices have been created to allow you to input the specific details you need for your project.

The PDF you receive will be about 2MB in size. You should use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat to complete the electronic PDF.


Price of the FAC-1

Electronic FAC-1 is priced at £200 + VAT per copy. 

FAC1- Spanish English Page Form